Cancer Ribbon                  

Cancer patients often have excessively dry skin. Skin conditions such as redness,inflammation,     darkening, peeling, heat rash, itching, and even blistering is common. It is important to note that a significant portion of what you apply to your skin (the largest organ in your body) is absorbed into your bloodstream. Products applied to your skin that contain hidden chemicals, toxins and carcinogens have harmful long-term effects and can inhibit your body’s own natural ability to fight against sickness and disease. 1 in 5 skin care products on the market contain known carcinogens. Many products that are touted as “natural”, “organic”, or “made for cancer patients” contain many other chemicals and toxins, as well.


Finally Pure products are formulated to easily and safely moisturize as well as infuse your skin with nutrients (vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids). We have worked with physicians and utilized the clinical studies of the EWG’s cosmetics database ( in the formulations and manufacturing of every product to ensure their safety, efficacy and health benefits. Every ingredient used in our products has been thoroughly researched.  


As a member of the “Safe Cosmetics Business Network”, we are lobbying congress to overhaul the cosmetics regulations in the U.S., and to pass the Safe Cosmetics Act of 2011 (H.R.2359) which aims to ensure that all personal care products are safe, by establishing a system to assess the safety of cosmetics ingredient and to phase out the most harmful substances that are known (or suspected) of causing cancer, reproductive harm or other adverse health effects.


If you, or a relative or friend, have or have had cancer PLEASE check the ingredients in your skin care products. Go to and type in the ingredient or brand name. It will give you a toxin/hazard rating and you can see what adverse effects (if any) it has on your body.




♦  Cut down on use of soaps. Wash with mild, natural soaps and shampoos.
♦  Lukewarm water only in bath/shower, pat dry (do not rub skin)
♦  Wear soft, loose clothing

♦  Avoid exposure to direct sunlight, routinely use sunscreen
♦  Avoid anything that would irritate your skin, e.g. exfoliating, shaving and/or waxing.
♦  Moisturize:

All of Finally Pure’s products, especially the Pregnancy and Baby products are perfect for patients undergoing radiation or chemotherapy. Organic ingredients are the safest and provide the most nutrients.

Ultra Shea (100% Organic ingredients) provides all-over gentle moisture and protection. (4 oz. jar or purse/pocket sized 2 oz tin)

Finally Pure Lip Balms (100% Organic ingredients) provide safe moisture for dry and sensitive lips.



♦  Never buy or use a product that does not list ALL ingredients.  Many brands will only state a partial list of ingredients, so make sure that the brand that you are using specifically states that they are listing all ingredients and are a member of "Truth In Labeling".
♦ Avoid any product that contains parfum/fragrance (contains hundreds of chemicals) which is a known human immune system toxicant showing evidence of human neurotoxicity. (See results of over 1700 clinical studies in PubMed science library->


Your skin care products should not only be safe, they should be feeding your skin with nutrients to benefit your overall, long-term health.



On a Personal Note: My husband had a bout with cancer when he was young and a recurrence several years ago. I was shocked when I discovered that the only products in the chemo and radiation rooms, (several “made specifically for cancer patients”) contained toxins and known cancer-causing agents.


Manufacturers either don’t do the research on their ingredients or they prefer to use the “easy to formulate” and cheaper ingredients regardless of health issues. It is up to us, the consumer, and hopefully someday, the legislators.