Naturally and safely nurtures, heals and protects, even the most sensitive and delicate skin.


As a member of "Truth In Labeling", all of our ingredients are listed (no surprise or hidden ingredients), and are natural, pure and safe for both mom and baby. All products are fragrance (parfum) free, with no iffy herbs, chemicals or toxins. 

During pregnancy, many of the ingredients in skin care products are absorbed through the umbilical cord, exposing the fetus to toxins and synthetics. Research has revealed that over 200 toxic chemicals were found in the cord blood of newborns. (Read more about this study at:

  The surge of nut allergies in children raises concerns about the use of nut oils in skin care products for pregnancy and infants.  Exposure in utero through pregnancy skin care products is a concern. According to   Expand


Our pregnancy and baby products contain no nut-based ingredients (e.g. shea, almond oil) with the exception of the bar soap and foaming washes, which are formulated with organic coconut oil. (See Nut-Free Disclaimer)